Three Years and Counting


Recently Recharge Video celebrated it’s three year anniversary. I started doing weekly videos back in 2009 in a format then called Drive Time Video (to view a few of these oldies you can use this link Drive Time Video). The current studio format for Recharge video began in September of 2013 and I have written, shot, edited and distributed 230 episodes, each covering a biblical topic and text along with some practical encouragement in a compact 2 minute format. These videos have thousands of views which amazes me and humbles me at the same time, in fact the last episode released has had more than 6000 views! My only goal was to be a blessing to God’s people and a witness to those who don’t have a relationship with the Savior.

Thank you for your comments, feedback (which are always welcome and appreciated more than you know), your sharing videos with others and for praying for God’s blessing on this ministry.

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Thanks again and stay blessed,
Jesse Waggoner