Green Screen Magic

In case you haven’t noticed the look of Recharge Videos has changed. I have been working hard to convert the RV studio to a green screen studio. I thought might want to see how this all comes together.

Here’s a quick look at my studio.

First I shoot my hook and teaching sections in front of the green screen.

Then a video background is selected – this is recorded blurry on purpose.

Video title and transitions as well as intro and outro clips are inserted

Here is the final result

Photo Gallery

Here are a few random pics

Video location in “The Loft” @calvarywv

Posted by one of my followers – Thank you.

In @calvarywv children’s area

Capital Street location


A little overboard with the picture in picture feature

Safety first in the studio

I think I need a break

Rocking the readers

The reward

Hanging out in the office/studio

Opposite view in office

Distribution plan

From the early days

A real clapper board

Some of my beginning notes for what has become Recharge Video Dated 11-23-2010


Original Recharge studio

Editing with Pinnacle Studio

Confidence: Know it, Get it, Live it

Here is the introduction to my new Bible Study series, study of Scriptures that tell us how we can know, get and live in confidence. We can set aside our fears and insecurities by claiming the promises that come through our relationship with Jesus Christ. So, join us at either our 9:00 am or our 11:00 am Sunday worship service as together we grow in confidence


5 Questions – Strange and Bizarre Stories from the Bible

In this brief video I answer five questions about my book “Strange and Bizarre Stories from the Bible.”  I hope you will consider reading this book and I would love any feedback you would like to offer.  It is available on in either print or ebook format.


Storm Tested Faith

Introduction to the Bible Study series – Storm Tested Faith. We all go through storms in life come a learn what God intends for them to accomplish in our lives In every life there are moments that put one’s faith to the test. How do we react when the circumstances of life do not match our view of how life should be? Fortunately, the Bible is full of the examples of those who faced faith-testing moments and found God faithful and discovered that the tests are necessary for true spiritual development. Pastor Jesse Waggoner shares a series of messages taken from these biblical stories. Come and find encouragement in your faith-testing moments and learn how to have a storm-tested faith!


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Back story – Promoting God

Here is some comments from a recent Periscope giving the “back story” for Recharge Episode #269 – Promoting God.


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Since September of 2013 I have created 260 episodes of Recharge Video. Thank you for your comments, encouragement and support. Please continue to share with others so that we can grow our audience and share the encouragement.

In case you are wondering here is how this ministry operates. Everything you see online is created by our staff of one (me) and we have a yearly budget of $0 – in the future I hope to buy advertising to help get the word out but for now your sharing this ministry with others is the only way to move forward so please help as you can.

you can watch previous episodes here

Three Years and Counting


Recently Recharge Video celebrated it’s three year anniversary. I started doing weekly videos back in 2009 in a format then called Drive Time Video (to view a few of these oldies you can use this link Drive Time Video). The current studio format for Recharge video began in September of 2013 and I have written, shot, edited and distributed 230 episodes, each covering a biblical topic and text along with some practical encouragement in a compact 2 minute format. These videos have thousands of views which amazes me and humbles me at the same time, in fact the last episode released has had more than 6000 views! My only goal was to be a blessing to God’s people and a witness to those who don’t have a relationship with the Savior.

Thank you for your comments, feedback (which are always welcome and appreciated more than you know), your sharing videos with others and for praying for God’s blessing on this ministry.

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Thanks again and stay blessed,
Jesse Waggoner