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Jesse Waggoner

Thank you for leading a small group study or participating in our online Bible study. Below you will find some additional suggestions and links that may be helpful.

In the main page for this series you will find links to the discussion guides for each session. Make sure each member of your group has his or her own copy.

You will also find links to an introductory video for each session. Please show these to your group at the beginning of each session. You can play these mp4 video files from a computer, laptop, or tablet. Hooking your device to a large screen monitor also works well for these videos.

Also you will find links to audio recordings. These were recorded while I led a “small group” through this study. Perhaps by listening to this audio you may pick up some additional ideas for your own group. I do not recommend that you play these live audio recordings to your group.

I know your time in the Word will be a blessing to you. I would love to hear about your study or your group. Write me at jwaggoner@calvarywv.com

Jesse Waggoner
Senior Pastor

Winning the Game of Life

Free Online Bible Study

Ask ten people what life is all about and you will likely get eleven answers! But God is the authoritative source for all things including us. In this Bible study you will discover what life is all about and the emptiness of living for the wrong goals. Here you will find links to videos to introduce each session, study guides and more. I know you will be blessed as find out how to win in the “game of life.”

For each session you will find, an introductory video, an audio recording of me teaching this material in a live setting and a downloadable discussion guide for use in your small group or individual Bible study.  Go here for additional information and leader Resources for Online Bible study.

Jesse Waggoner
Senior Pastor

For the complete series go to Winning the Game of Life

Confidence: Know it, Get it, Live it

Here is the introduction to my new Bible Study series, study of Scriptures that tell us how we can know, get and live in confidence. We can set aside our fears and insecurities by claiming the promises that come through our relationship with Jesus Christ. So, join us at either our 9:00 am or our 11:00 am Sunday worship service as together we grow in confidence


Storm Tested Faith

online sermons

(1 Samuel 7:2-13)

In our most frightful moments God will show up if we set our hearts on Him. As Israel is preparing to reaffirm their faithfulness to God an unexpected threat approaches and they, as we do, we faced with a decision to follow God or go another way.  Learn more in this study from God’s Word.


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Series Introduction/Archive on Calvarywv.com