Storm Tested Faith

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(1 Samuel 7:2-13)

In our most frightful moments God will show up if we set our hearts on Him. As Israel is preparing to reaffirm their faithfulness to God an unexpected threat approaches and they, as we do, we faced with a decision to follow God or go another way.  Learn more in this study from God’s Word.

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Storm Tested Faith

Introduction to the Bible Study series – Storm Tested Faith. We all go through storms in life come a learn what God intends for them to accomplish in our lives In every life there are moments that put one’s faith to the test. How do we react when the circumstances of life do not match our view of how life should be? Fortunately, the Bible is full of the examples of those who faced faith-testing moments and found God faithful and discovered that the tests are necessary for true spiritual development. Pastor Jesse Waggoner shares a series of messages taken from these biblical stories. Come and find encouragement in your faith-testing moments and learn how to have a storm-tested faith!

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Cause and Effect (Job 5:10)

Sometimes we fail to connect the cause of the blessings in our lives with the One who causes them. A trip to farm country and a verse of Scripture help us trace the good things of life back to our good God. As we do we will refine our attitudes and actions.  Learn more in this Recharge Video episode.

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