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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Part 3 of a series through Psalm 1, learn how to position yourself to grow, in this Recharge Video

If you want to follow the path of blessing you must learn to train you mind to think differently, you can start by putting in some new material. Find out more in this Recharge Video.


This is the first part of a six-part study through the first Psalm.  In it we find the path to God’s blessing.  Learn more in this Recharge Video


Maybe you should check your watch or calendar and be reminded that will provide proof that Jesus is still with you.  Learn more in this Recharge Video

In this recharge video you will learn to use few words by replacement.

The good name of God is reason for hope.  Find out more in this recharge video


In this Recharge Video – How many years of experience would God put on His resume?  Find out by watching.


In this video visit I use some of my fish friends to illustrate God’s care for us.




In addition to the teaching podcast on Recharge Video I have had the privilege of being involved in radio ministry for a number years.  My current program is a ministry of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.

Sunday begins my fourth year of broadcasting practical Bible teaching on the radio via WCHS 58AM. The program is heard across most of West Virginia and around the world via internet streaming. Be praying for the Word to touch the hearts of listeners.

You can hear Sunday’s broadcast here:

Learn about God’s no more tears formula in this recharge video