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Monthly Archives: October 2013

This Recharge Video with Jesse Waggoner will remind you to be looking for reasons to rejoice

In this recharge video Pastor Waggoner shows that there is a correct way to complain to God.  From Psalm 142:2


A fine restaurant, a three year old and some mac and cheese remind us of the need to taste and see that the Lord is good, in this Recharge video.  Please feel free to share.


In this recharge video Pastor Jesse Waggoner will allow you to think a little bit deeper about hearing and recognizing the voice of God in you life.



This Recharge video will remind you of the need to use the light that God gives to guide and guard you in life

This REcharge video will show that when times are good, it is time to grow.

In this REcharge video Pastor Jesse Waggoner shows you that you have all the expertise you need.