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Monthly Archives: September 2013

In this REcharge video you will find out that while you may not make it on The Voice or American Idol, you are a singing star!


In this REcharge video Pastor Jesse Waggoner shows the extent of God’s love for you.  It is sent in the hope that  it encourages and recharges you spirit.



A look into the night sky may remind you about the greatness of God

Since heaven is God’s house what does that say about the way in.  Learn more in today’s REcharge video


A great promise of God’s intent to bless you

The God who knows everything choose to forget some things – find out what in today’s REcharge video


Changing our words can help change our thinking, this REcharge video will help you focus on your real purpose in life.


Today’s video will remind you to focus on the finished product rather than the process – and God will continue to make you into what He has planned.



Sometimes our perceptions hide the reality that our God is close at hand.  Please feel free to share this video with others.