Another trip around the sun (Genesis 8:22)

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday? Here are some thoughts on a new way to look at your special day.

Addicted to Praise (Luke 24:53)

There are plenty of reasons to praise – here are a few.


Faith and Sight (John 20:29)

Doubting Thomas was not the only one with the problem of doubt find out more in this Recharge Video

Why is Good Friday good? (John 19:30)

Something good was accomplished on a very dark day. Learn more in this Recharge Video.

Is the resurrection real? (1 Corinthians 15:3-6)

Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus was resurrected? What evidence to we have that Jesus did come back to life? Find out more in this recharge video.

Back to school (Psalm 111:2)

There is a subject worth studying and it will be a constant source of encouragement.  Learn more in this Recharge Video.

1000 Generations (Psalm 105:8)

God keeps all of His promises – forever.  Find out more in this Recharge Video.

God’s Contact List (Luke 10:20)

If you could call God would He take your call.  Learn how He responds to you in this Recharge Video.